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sombras en la playa
8 January 2016

Recent Comments

Harry on atardece...
inedible sky - so beautiful

Gary Hart on atardece...
Beautiful color.

omid on a la ola...
very nice shot, with beautiful composition.

omid on atardece...
such beautiful clouds, colors & liights! Amazing sky.

Existence Artistique on atardece...
superbe cet orangé

Ralf Kesper on atardece...
Awesome colors!

beach on atardece...
An explosion of colour

Ronnie 2¢ on atardece...
What a fantastic moment !

Anne on atardece...
Beautiful sky

Dimitrios on atardece...
most impressive SKY

Ralf Kesper on a la ola...
Good sports caught.

Existence Artistique on a la ola...

Existence Artistique on brumas...
beau ciel

Ralf Kesper on brumas...
Great atmosphere!

Gérard on brumas...
Superb picture !!!

Dimitrios on brumas...
magic frame, bravo

Anne on brumas...
très belle ambiance!

Ralf Kesper on bosque
Wonderful look at the valley.

Existence Artistique on bosque

Ana Lúcia on bosque
That is a fantastic view, well shot.

Dimitrios on bosque
well framed***

Ronnie 2¢ on bosque
Such a strong sense of live space in this . .

marije on Por la Hermida...
bien plus austère cet angle là

Existence Artistique on Por la Hermida...

Existence Artistique on ría alta
agréable embarcation

Ralf Kesper on ría alta
This light is wonderful.

Le Krop on ría alta
Une belle atmosphère.

Dutchess on olas
Love this!! ♥

Existence Artistique on mares

Le Krop on mares
Une si belle atmosphère ! J'aime beaucoup ! *****

Le Krop on olas
Quelle belle oeuvre picturale ! *****

Existence Artistique on olas
beau sable

Ralf Kesper on olas
Really clever composed simplicity.

Dimitrios on olas

omid on cumbre
very nice shot! wonderful view.

Ralf Kesper on cumbre

marije on cumbre
absolument magique, 5*

Ronnie 2¢ on cumbre
Who knows what might lay below .

Existence Artistique on cumbre
oh génial

omid on montaña
very nice shot! wonderful view.

Existence Artistique on montaña

Ralf Kesper on montaña
Looks like a high altitute over this cloudy carpet.

Dimitrios on montaña
magic mountain!

Harry on puerto
lovely impressionistic treatment; love the bright and bleeding colors

omid on puerto
such beautiful colors, lights & reflections! Amazing silhouettes.

Ralf Kesper on puerto
Nice and dreamy.

Existence Artistique on puerto

Ronnie 2¢ on puerto
A glorious moment . . perfectly presented !

Dimitrios on puerto
a dream frame, bravo

Harry on campiña
lovely scene

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